Entrepreneur – innovator- partnership builder.

Entrepreneur examples:

  • At Flanders Language Valley (FLV) created a solid partnership with Cisco by showing mutual benefits for both sides. Resulted in a $3M investment by Cisco in the FLV fund.
  • At the Europeans Space Agency invited world class ethical hackers to break into systems with approval from management, followed by awareness training on all levels of the organisation. Created a subsequent security master plan.
  • The Arc of Ulster-Greene is a non profit with 1500 employees that provide services to people with disabilities.  Learned that sister organisations had failing IT infrastructures and then built a hybrid cloud for those neighboring Agencies. Created a new type collaboration and combined the IT teams into one team, saving on staffing, infrastructure and software and delivering better services. Saved over 30% on staffing and delivered twice as many solutions to 2500 employees.
  • At the Arc of Ulster-Greene worked with NY state to redefine a healthcare grant, resulting in a grant of nearly $1M.
  • Currently co-founding a startup in Thailand in the FinTech (electronic payments) space.